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How to become a DevOps Engineer

DevOps is really hot at the moment and most of my friends, colleagues, and senior developers I work with are putting a lot of effort in learning how to become a DevOps engineer and project themselves as DevOps champions in their organization.

Kubernetes: Essentials

Cloud computing, containerization, and container orchestration are the most important trends in DevOps. Whether you’re a data scientist, software developer, or product manager, it’s good to know Docker and Kubernetes basics. Both technologies help you collaborate with others, deploy your projects, and increase your value to employers. In this article we’ll cover essential Kubernetes concepts. There are a lot of Kubernetes terms, which can make it intimidating. I’ll help you make a mental model to speed your understanding of the technology.

Software Engineering Bottlenecks

People who are not software engineers simply do not understand how bad are tools we are using every day compared to what we actually need and what we actually could have. Universally praised IDE’s, at the top level, are not that far from the text editor inside which I write this article.